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Taco Bell is one of the major running food chains around the world with its world-class food quality and excellent customer service. The brand makes sure to provide its customers with the best possible services so that more and more customers are attracted to the brand and improve their business. They try different ideas to assure that they have a good reputation around and would never put their image on risk in front of the customers. So much so, they have even come up with a survey that takes place online. From this website know why Tellthebell.Com survey is important and this survey helps in collecting all the data the company wants to know and lets them into the mind of the customers and what they actually feel about them.

How is the survey affecting the customers?

With actual reviews and suggestions from the customers, not only does the company stay in profit but even the customers start to notice a significant change in the services they are being provided. This online survey comes as a free platform where the customers can put any suggestions or even complaints that they have faced lately. These suggestions and reviews are in fact taken very seriously by the company and they make sure to work on it as soon as possible.

This, in turn, helps the customers get the high-quality services they expect and do not face any further problems with the company. The topics on which you want the brand to focus can be chosen by you. You are free to discuss the problems you had faced in customer service, the location, the staff or even the prices of the store. If you face any discomfort in any way, all you have to do is put your honest review on Tellthebell taco bell and your issues will be solved automatically.

How to earn $500 cash prize from Tacobell?

Apart from all the benefits listed above that the customers will have from this online survey, the most important benefit is the cash prize that you can earn if you play your cards right. Taco Bell is one of the few food chains which not only put an effort of organizing a survey for their customers but has even put a price on the survey. In order to become eligible for the prize, all you have to do is fill in the online survey form and get in line. The organizers select a number of people at random and provide them the $500 prize. Since the number of people selected is high, the chance for you to win increases. This cash prize is organized by the company to appreciate the effort that their customer put in filling up the form and providing their honest reviews.

This comes as a gamble for many as filling up the form for a company and providing them your suggestions and reviews is something that we are not in a habit of doing. Moreover, we also earn high prizes if we win and we even get better customer service from the company. The company doesn’t take much time to announce the results; therefore you will not have to wait for a long to check if your stars have worked. And once you have won the prize you would be free to spend on any product you want. However, in order to make yourself eligible for the sweepstakes, you also have to register yourself and follow a set of instructions.

What is the process of registering yourself for the process?

The registration process of Tellthebell Taco bell is quite simple and straight forward. The process doesn’t consume a lot of your time and all you have to do is follow a step by step guide that has been provided below to make your work easier. In order to complete the process smoothly, you need to have a personal device on which you should be able to open the website of the online survey. The device should allow you to read the form properly so that you don’t miss out on any important detail. For such situations, using a laptop or a tablet works best. Additionally, you also have to have a decent internet connection which will work fine in the entire process and doesn’t go off in between. Interruptions may spoil your experience and create problems in completing the process.

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Getting Started on Instagram | Beginners Guide

Instagram is used by millions of people from all around the world to take pictures and share them with their friends easily. However it could be used in much more effective manner, like it could be used for marketing purpose as well. If you are having a business and want to promote it in online, Instagram can be great promotion tool.

The model says it is 'the biggest compliment' Chances are your feed is stuffed with awesome tattoos, videos, sketches, and designs to inspire any creative person. Most of the Hottest insta Models are turned their bodies into walking masterpieces. So they prefer the Phoenix Tattoo. The Gorgeous Phoenix Tattoo Designs are created in different colors and positions to fit the wearer's needs. They are all done with style and beauty.

instagram models tattoos

Possible ways to use Instagram effectively

1. Using Hashtags: Twitter and Facebook have implemented hastags. In fact Instagram users can easy communicate with each other using hastags. This aspect is useful for your business as it will allow users to make their content more search-oriented and it will also help in making the effect more viral for the business in longer run.

2. Promotional offers: People love to see more freebies, discounts and other sort of offers. You can use it lure more customers. With the help of free Instagram followers, you can promote your product for contests to encourage people to share their own pictures with your brand product. At the same time, you can use other tools which will allow you to easily embed any new feed on Instagram or any new hashtag feed on your website.

3. Keeping Track of your campaign using Instagram: With the help on Instagram, your internet marketing plan could be a success and you can easily track your free Instagram followers by using many comprehensive and user friendly applications in it. This will help you to analyze what would be the ideal time to post new content and how much relevant details you need to provide to increase your brand awareness.

Making Stories with Photos and Videos using Instagram

Instagram is all about photos and a photo can speak a thousand words. Using a best click pictures and videos, you can create a beautiful story about anything which could be useful marketing tool for business. It is one of the fastest ways to increase brand awareness as you can take constant pictures of your product on regular basis to make it more appealing to the audiences. Videos are also essential mean to popularize your product.

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Lucky Patcher iOS - Download Lucky Patcher App for iPhone, iPad

Gaming on iOS is astonishing when you have Lucky Patcher for iPhone and other Apple gadgets to get boundless free buys and unique complimentary gifts. The energy of playing amusements is first rate when you know there is nothing preventing you from getting to the last level as everything you need to purchase is dealt with as of now. Indeed, even the promotions by Google and different publicists are likewise expelled so nothing comes in your method for getting engaged and winning with an impeccable score. Additionally numerous applications have Google advertisements that irritate us as well, you can even piece or handicap them. Sounds intriguing and you need Lucky Patcher iOS and honestly every one of your iOS gadgets now? Think about what, we have every one of the connections to download Lucky Patcher for iPhone inside couple of steps and we additionally enable you to arrange it on your gadget with a guide that is basic and straightforward.

Simply following this blog will ensure that you are prepared, set and go to play free amusements with Lucky Patcher download.

Lucky Patcher iOS

Activities before You can Use Lucky Patcher on iPhone:

Indeed, requirements are critical before you are attempting to include an uncommon setting that improves the usefulness of your gadget. Particularly a cell phone, you should be arranged and take after the tips constantly. This is the thing that you have to introduce and download Lucky Patcher:

You require iPadian App on your telephone first and afterward you can without much of a stretch work with Lucky Patcher for iPhone.

Get iPadian application and take after the procedure of Lucky Patcher download. All you require is to open that application and inside the application you will discover the play store. This is the place you begin introducing Lucky Patcher. Read the means underneath as we have secured the essentials you have to download Lucky Patcher for iPhone.

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Mobdro For PC Download Free On Windows (10/8.1/7) Latest Version

Smartphone has become very vital in today’s lifestyle because of the efficiency. There are some occasions where smart phones work faster than PC. Size of smart phone makes it almost miniature computer. You can do a lot of work with your device and can communicate with people even while you are on the move. There are millions of applications are available for the smart phones which makes your life easy. You can do a lot of work easily and the apps are user friendly. Many people love to watch TV and videos on their smart phone and apps help them.

Smart phone gives you access to the latest entertainment and you can amuse yourself with the smart phone. You can get easily a hold of latest music and movies, TV shows in your device. With just one click, you can Download Mobdro for PC your favorite videos straight in your handset. There are a lot of different apps are available which allow you to watch your favorite videos for free. Smart phones have completely revolutionized entertainment and changed the world of movies, videos and games.

Mobdro for PC Download

Mobdro for PC/ Laptop free Download App, APK on Windows PC 7/8/10:

If you also want to watch videos for free then install app in your device. Some of them are wonderful and one of them is mobdro.  The app is available in two versions; one is free and second is paid. The app keeps searching best videos on the web so that it can provide best videos to its users. The app is not available on the play store so you need to install it from the official website of mobdro. Free version of this app gives you a lot of videos to watch but to enable its advanced features you need to buy its premium version.

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Best Apps to Listen & Download to Music for Android and iOS Devices

Do you want to enhance your traveling by listening with the best music app without Wi-fi? Your answer might be why not. Who will not grab such a good offer? Because it’s not possible that everywhere you will be getting Wi-fi and to abolish these circumstances you have to use the Best Music Download Sites in 2020 that runs without Wi-fi. If you are still in the dilemma how to get and what are the best music app without Wi-fi then just don’t lose your hope as I will be discussing it below with some details of it. So here are the lists of top 3 music Apps that run without using Wi-Fi connection.

music Apps Download

Best Music App- Runs without Wi-fi

1. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is one of the sophisticated and best music apps that can tend you to access over more than 700 radio stations across all the mega cities in the United States. You can set your customized stations according to your needs of artists and songs. With this app, you can listen to the music stations that match your needs according to the selection.  Moreover, it has seasonal music criteria like Christmas, Diwali, etc. So Just use this app undoubtedly even when you are outside Wi-fi zone and explore about 18 million songs from live streaming radio stations.

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Scrubbing up for robotic surgery in space

A team of four astronauts are to splashdown to an undersea laboratory in the US on Monday, to help conduct the first wireless robot-assisted surgery. Meanwhile in Canada - 2000 kilometers away from the operating table - a surgeon prepares to perform the procedures, to be carried out on Tuesday.

This will be the first time that surgical procedures, performed from a vast distance away, will utilize airwaves rather than undersea cables to transmit the information, says surgeon Tim Broderick of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, who will be taking part in the NASA experiment, dubbed NEEMO 7.

Although the procedures, which include a gall bladder removal, will actually be carried out on a surgical training dummy, the NASA experiment is being seen as a crucial proof-of-principle. If the surgery is successful, it is hoped that astronauts will eventually be allowed to receive emergency surgical care while aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Under the sea


Surgeon Mehran Anvari of the Centre for Minimal Access Surgery at St Josephs Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, will be using the Zeus robotic surgical system to control the robot in the Aquarius lab, 19 meters under the sea, in Key Largo, Florida. Zeus has two robotic arms and an endoscopic arm, which can be controlled by the surgeon from a console of monitors and joysticks.


Deep space

But a bigger issue is latency, or signal delay. If the signal is delayed by more than 0.7 seconds, a surgeon will begin to have problems controlling the robot. This should not affect operations on the ISS, but for deeper space missions - such as one to Mars - more autonomous robots would have to be used.

The chance of losing the signal is extremely slim, says Broderick, because of the redundancy built into the radio link up. But if the robots link was lost the procedure would have to be finished by telementoring the astronauts on standby, which is another situation this experiment was set up to explore.

The underwater astronauts will try to carry out several procedures for themselves - such as ultrasonic diagnostics and kidney stone extraction - under the guidance of surgeons on the surface. We need to understand what level of medical background a person needs to be able to carry out medical procedures, says Williams.

Duncan Graham-Rowe


Duke Robot Climbs to Victory in Madrid

The "tornado" is generated by a patented device from Vortex HC, LLC of Morrisville, N.C., said Janet, who is vice president of development at the company. The device uses air currents swirling in a cylinder, about the size of an upside-down tuna can, to exert suction on a wall or ceiling. An impeller in the cylinder spins like a propeller but recirculates captive air rather than sucking air in one end and blasting it out the other. "It’s a tornado in a cup, but no ordinary tornado," Janet said. "Two vortexes swirl simultaneously, one in a spiral and the other in a toroidal path, like a donut. The forces generated hold the vehicle to the wall and yet allow free movement because the cup never touches the surface."

Parker said the Madrid competition required performing five tasks: starting on the metal competition wall and climbing as high as possible; climbing after the addition of randomly placed obstacles; crossing a barrier placed on the wall; starting from the floor and then climbing; and stopping after crossing the finish line. "We faced stiff competition from German and Italian teams," Parker said. "The robot from the University of Catania was amazingly good at detecting and avoiding all the obstacles. Our robot brushed against a couple of obstacles, but it was the only one that completed all five tasks."

Janet said the Duke team combined the "tornado in a cup" technology with an original control system. "A human operates Vortex’s commercial robots by remote control," Janet said. "The students added sensors and wrote software that enables their robot to operate on its own." Parker said they added ultrasonic and infrared sensors across the front and programmed a tiny computer, called a microcontroller, to navigate based on information from the sensors. Ultrasonic sensors detect objects by bouncing sonar-like sound waves off them. Infrared sensors, used in television remote controls, detect light outside the range of human vision.

The Duke wall-climbing robot was funded by a grant from the Lord Foundation. Janet said the Vortex technology was developed by Vortex HC on a grant from the DARPA Microsystems Technology Office.

Burney provided an initial basic design for the Duke vehicle, Janet said. Meyerson and Parker, both biomedical engineering students, focused on writing software and incorporating the sensors. When tests showed the centimeter-high barrier broke the hold of the Vortex technology, Janet called in Finlay to solve the problem of crossing the barrier without falling off the wall. Finlay is a mechanical engineering student and a veteran of the team that produced Duke’s prize-winning autonomous underwater vehicle Charybdis.

Finlay said he tried to design a solution that would work with or without the metal wall at the competition. "We tried adding treads," Finlay said. "We tried a wheelie bar to keep the rear end of the robot flat against the wall and prevent the front from lifting up. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. Time was running out so we had to add magnets and take advantage of the metal."


According to Finlay, the magnets were successfully tested only one day before the team flew to Spain. In Madrid, Meyerson and Parker had to adapt the robot’s software for the competition wall. "The traction was different from what we were used to," Meyerson said.

With software tuned and magnets added, Walter crossed the centimeter barrier without difficulty in practice runs. However, in the first competition runs, Walter slipped down the wall when attempting to cross."

There were 15 minutes of pure terror and panic," Parker said. "We didn’t know what was wrong." Burney said, "We finally realized we had the brackets for the magnets on wrong. The magnets were upside down, and the magnetism was too weak that way."With the magnets positioned correctly, Walter negotiated the barrier, reached the top of the wall, and won the first prize of about $250.

The team left Madrid triumphant but exhausted from coping with the competition while keeping Spanish hours without the siestas, said Meyerson. "Restaurants don't open for dinner until nine and a meal takes hours," Meyerson said. "Everyone stays out until four a.m. and that’s without even trying to go clubbing."

Janet said Duke’s future robotics efforts include teaming with a group from Carnegie Mellon University for the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge to design a full-sized autonomous land vehicle and continuing the development of autonomous underwater vehicles.

In addition, computer science professor Ronald Parr and graduate student Austin Eliazar are developing software that enables a mobile robot to map its surroundings as it moves and simultaneously locate itself on the map. Such "simultaneous localization and mapping" is a longstanding challenge in robotics research.

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